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Biography of Hadrotussyaikh Hasyim Asy’ari

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

K.H Muhammad Hasyim Asy’ari was born in Jombang, East Java on 10th of April 1875 and passed away on 25th of July 1947 beacause of hypertension after hearing news that Dutch troops was winning a battle in Malang. His mother,Nyai Halimah is still Jaka Tingkir descant, a famous Pajang Kingdom’s king. His father, KH Asy’ari is founder of Keras Dormitory, he became the first teacher of Mbah Hasyim. One of Mbah Hasyim’s children, K.H Wahid Hasyim is the first minister of religion affairs for Indonesia, He also is sparker of Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) or Islamic State-owned University. The fourth president of Repbulic Indonesia or Pluralism’s Father of Indonesia, K.H ‘Abdurrahman Wahid is K.H Wahid Hasyim’s son or in other word he is Mbah Hasyim’s grand child.
 The struggle in Colonialism’s Eviction.
Mbah Hasyim is well-known as the first chairman of Nahdlatul ‘Ulama (NU), the biggest islamic society organization in Indonesia which was established in 1926 by exmembers of Hijaz Commitee. He is one of non-cooperative figures with Dutch Colonizers, he advised that wearing trousers and tie are forbidden (Haram), this a form of cultural opposition to colonial government, the instruction was successful in anti colonizer islamic society formation. His attitude gave a significant contribution for Indonesia’s independence.
This attitude was shown by him too when Japan Occupied Indonesia, He passed over doing Saikerei openly which was obligation by Nippon (the other name of Japan), he might be in the prison cause of his brave attitude. The Nippon’s policy led to Nahdiyyin (NU’s people nick name) resistence, for instance, K.H Zaenal Mustofa’s opposition unfortunately he was caught and got death sentence.
His struggle was not stopped although Indonesia had gotten the dreamed independence. Allied Force sponged by Dutch came to Indonesia to stripe Nippon’s weapon but they had a secret-cruel mission, the wanted to occupy Indonesia for twice, he called moslem people to againt this mission, his calling named “Jihad Resolution”, it consists 5 main points.
1. Proclaimed Indonesia’s independence on 17th August 1945 must be defended.
2. Republic of Indonesia is only one official government, it must be provided and rescued.
3. Republic of Indonesia’s enemy, especially Dutch, who come with sponging Allied Force will utilize their coming for re colonizing Indonesia.
4. Moslem People, especially Nahdiyyin must opposite Dutch’s mission, who will re colonize Indonesia.
5. This obligation is one form of Jihads, that becomes a privet obligation (Fardlu ‘Ain) for Moslem people living in 94 km around place of Dutch’s effort for re colonizing Indonesia.
The resolution supported “Arek-arek Surabaya” (Surabaya’s people) to answer Dutch ultimatum they did not afraid although Allied Forces surrounded Surabaya from every sides, the victims were uncountable from this affair, Arek-arek Surabaya’s braveness was heroic until that affair was happening on 10th of November 1945 is celebrated as heroes day every years nowadays.


 The Works
In other hand, Mbah Hasyim who is tittled as Haddrotussyeikh (The Greatest Teacher) is productive in writing zone, some books have been written by him, that are :
• Risalah Ahlis-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah: Fi Hadistil Mawta wa Asyrathis-sa’ah wa baya Mafhumis-Sunnah wal Bid’ah
• Al-Nuurul Mubiin fi Mahabbati Sayyid al-Mursaliin.
• Adab al-alim wal Muta’allim fi maa yahtaju Ilayh al-Muta’allim fi Ahwali Ta’alumihi wa maa Ta’limihi.
• Al-Tibyan: fin Nahyi ‘an Muqota’atil Arham wal Aqoorib wal Ikhwan.
• Risalah fi Ta’kid al-Akhdzi bi Mazhab al-A’immah al-Arba’ah.
• Mawaidz.
• Arba’ina Haditsan Tata’allaqu bi Mabadi’ Jam’iyyat Nahdlatil Ulama.
• Al-Tanbihat al-Wajibat liman Yushna’ al-Maulid bi al-Munkarat.

والله أعلم

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